Have I achieved anything yet ?

No matter what I do, this question haunts me every time and I am sure there are many of us to whom this question might be giving night mares. We all wonder when this race will end where we can say “Okay. I have achieved this and this is enough” Really ? Do you think that will ever happen ? May be not. Neither in terms of money nor in terms of stature/power. Now the big question comes why ? And the answer is simple, Our mind never want that to happen. How do we control our mind and set limitations for ourselves? (do you actually want it ? No). So what could be the right strategy to come out of this vicious spiral and be happy at the same place.

I found this out. Though its not a fool proof solution but it can help a little bit. Every day when you wake up think about 1 thing that you will do which you always thought of doing from a long time (like I thought of writing this blog, one day I thought of sketching thanks to my to be wife who inspired me) , something  which brings inner joy in you, it could be as simple as walking in rain, donating money to NGO, wearing casuals instead of formals in office , a bowling match with friends, telling your old crush you liked her/him, anything and everything counts. Just 1 thing everyday. And if you like something and want to do it regularly, go ahead treat it like hobbies. You will see that after a month you would have achieved so much (for self satisfaction) which will make you even more happier and satisfied.

But at the end of the day, remember that your actions should not hurt anyone physically and mentally. No matter what you do, you cannot live happily after hurting an innocent person. Its just not possible until and unless you are an evil personality.